Play with a purpose


Cover art area with newspaper to protect table top
Pour approximately ½ cup dish soap into 9-12 oz. plastic cup. Add approximately 1 tablespoon of paint & stir together
Assist participants to blow bubbles into the paint/soap mixture until the bubbles rise just above the rim of the cup.
Help participants to set their paper on top of the bubbles until the bubbles pop.
Remove the paper and repeat the bubble blowing process into a different color paint cup, again repeat the placing of paper on top of the bubbles until they pop.
Repeat until each of the chosen colors have created circles of paint color all over your paper.


If participants are unable to blow into the straw, have someone else do the bubble blowing step while they are assisted to do other tasks of the project.
Create individual artwork or combine all together to make large wall art.
Practice bubble blowing into water or drink cups first (in case individuals drink the liquid)


Oral motor experience
Turn taking
Choice making
Creative expression
ADL’S (measuring, scooping, pouring)​

Painting With Bubbles


White Cardstock paper
Dish soap
Plastic cups
Measuring cup